The Classic North Okinawa Hot Spot for One Day

The Classic North Okinawa Hot Spot for One Day

Car Sharing For One Day Only 5200 Yen
Children (4-12 Years Old) 3200Yen/ Infants (Under 4 Years Old) For FREE

1. Start with One Person at Okinawa, the One and Only Local Mandarin speaking guide to accompany.
2. The whole new Bus would service for you.
3. Hot Spot tickets for free, and aquarium tickets.
4. If you Pre-reserve the tour, there will be more discounts.

Cape Manza→
Kori Island→
Ocean Expo Park→
Okinawa American Village

1st.January Start
Transportation: Car sharing
Form: Car sharing
Meal: Exclude
Hotel: Exclude
Ticket: Free aquarium tickets
Extra fee: Pay your own fare
First day:

● 08:30 Gather at Okinawa-ken.
● 08:50 DFS Shopping Center. Start
● 09:30 Okinawa American Village. (In front of Kitadanicho Sight Seeing Information Center)

● 10:00 At the Cape Manza to enjoy the natural scenery and the Pacific Ocean.(About 20 Minutes)
● 11:30 passing through the Warumi Bridge to Kori Island go to sightseeing the Ryukyuan ancestor’s Remains. (About 30 Minutes)
● 12;30 Go sightseeing Ocean Expo Park - Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium(About 180 Minutes)。
● 17:00 Okinawa American Village(About 60 Minutes)
● 18:40 Arrive at the DFS Shopping Center.
● 18:45 Arrive at the Shintoshin.
● 19:10 Arrive at the Okinawa-ken.
End of the tour

Major Sights Introduction

Cape Manza

Cape Manza is a national Nature Park where located near Onna Village in the Okinawa Prefecture. It’s one of the most popular places among both Japanese and international travelers who visit Okinawa Island. The Cape Manza is aside of the cliff where is facing the open East China Sea to the West. Manza is means “ten thousands sit” So among the cliff, there is vast grassland you could see the whole view. At the 18th Century, Ryukyuan king Sho Kei (1713-1751 to be the throne) went on an inspection tour, when he visiting Cape Manza, the top of the cliff was big enough for 10,000 people to sit. Therefore the cliff was famous for this. Due to the location, it’s has great amount of unique Manza’s limestone phytocoenosium. The Okinawa government appoint out it is natural monument. You could enjoy the coastal landscape and see the coral reefs under the cliff.

Kori Island

Kori Island is an 8 kilometers diameter island where is located at the North Yagaji Island. Seaurchins and sea algaes are well-known speciality products; it fosters a prosperous fishery market. The island has a creation myth; the creation goddess of the Ryukyu Island-Amamikyu has pray to the Heavenly Emperor and made the islands. In the old lunar calendar, after July the island people will hold sacrificial activities for sea-god. Nowadays, people many built bridges that main island could connect the Ojima Island, Yagaji Island and Kori Island.

Ocean Expo Park

Ocean Expo Park is established state-run Park in commemoration of Okinawa international marine exposition held in Okinawa in 1975. Tourist attraction where is popular in Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium and dolphin show, Okinawa including planetarium here.
The whole new oceanarium opened in 2002 fall, it could let you getting known about sea world. This aquarium’s theme is: The Sea of Okinawa-Journey Encounter and Exploration, they can ensure you to experience a diver deep water adventures and see the ocean paradise. At the same time, you can admire a wonderful dolphin performance in the aquarium.

Okinawa American Village

American Village is located to the north east of Naha city from 20kilometers in the Chatan. It is an American style urban leisure land; the village was rebuilt by the remains of the US military base and adjacent coast. This big era gathered a lot of entertainment spots and store, a lot of local young people love to come here to have fun. The village has skywheel, cinema, big mall, restaurants, cafes and hotels, the streets is brick road and surrounded coco trees making you experience the west coast of the United States’ culture. American Village is near the Chatan Park and Sunset beach, you also can enjoy the shopping and relax work, and at anight you can enjoy the night view of skywheel.
Above-mentioned are reference only, exact information check the new announcement in our company please.

Travel Time: For One Day

Payment methods:

Car-Renting Self-Driving Travel:
● Vehicle seat:43-49 seats
● Recommend luggage: 0
● Service worker: Mandarin tour guide
● Service language: Mandarin +local language speaking, simple interpretation.
● Duration: 10 hours
● Service place: The Northern region of Okinawa

This product is car sharing service; it will have other customers sharing together. And every schedule is fixed, temporary adjustment is not acceptable. Visiting time is limit, please confirm the schedule list. (If you need a flexible schedule or need some scenic spots extra time, we suggest you booking our Private tour to satisfy your needs)

Cost Includes:

1)Vehicle use cost for 10 hours (10 hours long service time is mean send all customers to one gathering point. If out of service time because of traffic jam, the tour guide would settle by themselves and no extra fee for customers)
2) One ticket of pay attraction.
3) Vehicle fuel costs, parking fee, high speed charge.
4) Mandarin Driver-Guide service charge.